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Welcome to BoBoiBoy Wiki Philippines!!

An Tagalog wiki of animated series BoBoiBoy. Anyone can creating or editing any of our articles.

Before editing, please read the policies page to knows anything that allowed and not allowed here. There are 109 articles on this wiki.

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Tungkol sa BoBoiBoy

BoBoiBoy is a CGI Malaysian animated series that debuted in 2011, which tell a story about a 11 year old boy named BoBoiBoy who got super powers from a robot orb named Ochobot. He has the power of seven elements: Kidlat, Hangin, Lupa, Sunog, Tubig, and Dahon. Each elements has a upgrade version respectively: Kulog, Buhawi, Lindol, Blaze, Ice, and Thorn.

After having the super powers, BoBoiBoy made a great superhero team with his new friends, Yaya Yah, Ying, Gopal Kumar, and Fang, to defeat Adu Du, an evil alien whose planning to steal all the cocoa in the world.


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